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Heavenly Yoga's Entrance and Welcome Center. We know that starting a yoga practice can feel kind of intimidating and a humble experience. Please know there’s nothing to feel nervous about!

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Heavenly Yoga's studio specializes in making yoga accessible to everybody, regardless of age, gender, flexibility, fitness, or condition. The yogic concept of ahimsa, non-harming, is the foundation of Petra's teaching. We treat everyone in our community with respect and kindness.


Wheelchair/Chair Yoga for Assisted Living Facilities

Heavenly Yoga is happy to support Nursing homes, Rehabilitation Centers and Assisted Living Facilities with Yoga. Yoga improves overall health, increases relaxation and instills a sense of general well-being by stimulating the body, mind and spirit. Chair yoga is a low-stress, gentle form of exercise that can be done while sitting or standing and using a chair for support and balance. Generally, chair yoga poses are variations on the poses practiced in Hatha yoga. Chair yoga is great for seniors who suffer from the complications of aging and other disabilities. The goal of Chair yoga is to improve mental health and over all fitness by practicing deep breathing techniques and exercises that promote circulation and flexibility. Please contact us at 303.748.2817 if you want to add a Chair yoga session to your activity schedule!




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Yoga Book Recommendation

One of Petra's favorite Yoga books you can see she is carrying around with her to all her yoga classes, is Nancy Gersteins Guiding Yoga's Light! It's not only for yoga teachers, but for all who like to learn more about the yoga path...This book comes highly recommended!



Basic Yoga Etiquette

Arrive Early

Arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to start. One of the benefits of coming early is you can secure your favorite spot in the studio room and time to relax.

Take Your Shoes Off

Since we walk around the studio barefoot most of the time, it is most hygienic if everyone takes off their shoes first thing.

Turn off Your Cell Phone!

Turn off your cell phone and take off your watch! Why do we do that? As soon as we take off our time device or put away the smart phone, we know intuitive that something good is happening. We usually take it off going to bed, going into the shower, going on vacation...Make a habit out of this even before you enter the studio. This is your time for yourself to turn inward without looking constantly outward, and who send another message and/or what time it is!

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Select the most appropriate clothing based on the style of yoga that you’re doing, the temperature of the room and what will be most comfortable for you.

Leave Your Belongings in the Change Room

Don’t be carting your bag of belongings into class.

Please be QUIET!

Yoga is a time of inviting stillness and presence, so please respect others’ practice by keeping silent as soon as you enter class.

Respect the Yoga Instructor

Follow the teacher's instructions. If you’re an advanced student taking a beginners/intermediate class, stick to the basic versions of the postures so you don’t throw off the other students. The instructor will give you the opportunity to take a more advanced variation when it’s appropriate.

There is Space for Everyone

In a yoga class, be mindful of the space around you especially when it's a full class. If you know it'll be a busy class, place your yoga mat closely to your neighbor so that everyone can practice comfortably.

Don't Wear Perfume

Some people may have sensitivity to perfumes and strong scents.

Go to the Bathroom in Between Poses

Please wait to go to the bathroom or take sip of water until there is a period of rest, such as child’s pose, or in between asanas. So you will not disturb the other people around you and you will adhere to the yoga principle of Tapas, with is the endurance of the opposites; hunger and thirst, heat and cold, standing and sitting etc.

Do Savasana!

Savasana or the final relaxation is an important part of your yoga practice. Incorporate the time in savasana into your schedule - don't plan to leave class early.

Clean your Yoga Mat

If you used a yoga mat from the studio, make sure to wipe it down before you leave. THANX

Eat & Drink lots of Water afterwards

Yoga is done best performed with an empty stomach. Eat & drink 90 min. before class. Make sure to be hydrated and add electrolytes to your water. The fastest way to add electrolytes is drinking unsweetened coconut juice!


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