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What is Yoga?

Yoga is a deeply personal and experiential inquiry into our own hearts, minds and lives.

Yoga is a 5,000-year-old wisdom tradition. Yoga means union – the union of body, mind, and soul. Yoga helps us to develop sensitivity to our present condition and offers clear methods that work across the entire spectrum of human experience.

These methods include: Breathing (Pranayama), Asanas (Poses) and Meditation!

At Heavenly Yoga in Morrison you are entering a very unique Yoga Boutique! Small class sizes will give you individual attention, excellent yoga alignment suggestions and fun and laughter to expand your own yoga horizon! Always encouraging you to attend workshops and retreats to learn more about the 8 limbs of Yoga.


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Many great events coming your way in September - see below:

Heavenly Yoga's Summer Events!


Tuesday, September 6th - Yoga & Movie 

Please join us @ 5:15pm to experience Paradise (26 poses) and afterwards we will sit together outside (if weather permits) to watch The Force Awakens - same night they show it at Red Rocks...bring warm cloth, popcorn, drinks and whatever you like to see this science fiction action film.

Saturday, September 10th - Yoga & Chili Cook Off  

Join us @ 10:30am to experience Bliss /Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. We drive up to Evergreen Lake afterwards to 'The Big Chili Cook-Off' - Let's all taste some chili, listen to some amazing music, enjoy some sweet libations, shop to our hearts delight and raise money for six local mountain fire districts! Investment is $18 Chili Cook Off.

Thursday, September 22nd - Yoga & Fall Equinox Celebration 

Please join us @ 5:15pm to experience Joy (easy Hatha Yoga) and celebrate afterwards together the Fall Equinox! We are moving from: Sun to Moon, Light to Dark, Yang to Yin, Outer Achievements to Inner Reflection, Action to Contemplation, Fire to Water, Growth to Dormancy and Incubation, Fruitfulness to Composting, Building up to Letting go, Movement to Stillness. Bring a dish and libations to share this special Equinox evening!

Saturday, September 24th - Yoga & Morrison Ciderfest 

Plan to attend the 10:30am Bliss/ Divine class. Afterwards we stroll across the street to the Morrison Ciderfest. Bring your apples for the ciderpress and cash. The event is held on the grounds of Bear Creek Care & Rehab, located at the corner of Highway 8 and Summer Street in historic downtown Morrison. We kick things off at 10:30am with a yoga class and enjoy beer and music going to dark...and delicious fresh aple cider.

Tuesday, September 27th - Yoga & Meditation 

Join us @ 5:15pm to experience Paradise and afterwards we will sit together on yoga bolsters and meditate & still our monkey mind for 30 minutes. We might even sit outside if weather permits.

FUNtasticretreats Yoga Trips Around the World


Iceland Yoga & Adventure Trip - October 12th to 23rd 2016

A trip of a lifetime to Iceland. This is a very exclusive 11 day & 10 night retreat. Included is a 1 day trip to explore the famous Golden Circle & the entire island's Ring Road in 6 days. We also will visit the famous Blue Lagoon and will explore Reykjaviks charm for 3 days. Flights are Not included. As of June 2016 the Iceland Yoga retreat in October is Sold Out. However, if you are still interested, we will add you to our wait list.


Good Yoga Advice & Philosophy

The Autumn Equinox is between September 20th and 23rd in the Northern Hemisphere and March 20th and 23rd in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the balance point when day and night are equal in length. The Earth is also balanced between the two extremes of the year: the Midsummer Solstice, the longest day, and the Midwinter Solstice, the longest night. At this point the Earth is poised before it moves into the Yin cycle and the darkest time of the year. The Autumn Equinox is a point of union and balance between the Light and the Dark, between Fire and Water, between Shakti & Shiva, the Yang and the Yin. We have all been encouraged to become disconnected from our Yin, the intuitive 'feeling' parts of ourselves, when in reality both our yin and yang aspects create the whole self and, if they are not blocked, flow in a continuous holistic motion of unity and equilibrium. The alchemy of this is seen when we join up the dots in the Yin Yang symbol to reveal the continuously flowing symbol of infinity. The Autumn Equinox reminds us to balance all parts of ourself, the active and the passive, the known and the unknown, the outer journey and the inner journey, the seen and the unseen, the logical and the intuitive, the conscious and unconscious. From this place of Unity new doors open, new directions and new possibilities are revealed.

Heavenly Yoga for YOU!

Heavenly Yoga's Slogan

Strengthen, Relax, Rejuvenate! "Why Not?"

Heavenly Yoga's Description

Heavenly Yoga classes are designed to create a strong body & healthy mind!

Heavenly Yoga's Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create an intimate and sacred setting for people to grow in their physical and spiritual yoga practice. All levels and abilities are welcome. Heavenly Yoga emphasizes the breath as the foundation to connect body, mind and spirit. We will make you sweat, sculpt, heal and transform yourself.

Heavenly Yoga's Vision Statment:

Heavenly Yoga's vision is to offer yoga's philosophy through classes, events and retreats around the world. We believe the health of a community is dependent on the health of all of its members. The sensitivity we develop on our yoga mats effects everybody around us. Slowly yogi by yogini we can shift the direction the world is taking. This includes the gifts of peace, harmony, laughter, and love. The Buddah said: "To keep your body in good health is a duty - otherwise we shall not be able to keep our minds strong and clear."

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